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SPHR University College London Summer Internship: Front of pack labels and UK policy

The National Institute for Health Research School for Public Health Research (NIHR SPHR) are funding summer internships in public health. These internships are open to undergraduate students who may be considering a career in public health. UCL will be hosting one student for an 8 week internship in July and August 2021.

Project Title: Front of pack labels and UK policy

The intern will be supervised by PhD student Jessica Packer, whose research is focused on examining front of pack labels (FOPL) and UK policy. The first aim is to conduct a randomised controlled experiment to test which FOPL scheme is best at improving the ability to determine the healthiness of food items and the factors that impact on this (sociodemographic and contextual). This experiment has been conducted in a large representative British sample. Outcomes relating to participant perceptions were also measured, including confidence in using the labels, ability to understand and use the labels, view on time taken to use the labels and use in UK.

Potential projects for the summer internship include:

  • Literature review on factors that impact on label use
  • Case studies of global FOPL policies and implementation, with the aim of understanding the policy implications of this work and how findings can best inform UK policy
  • Quantitative analysis

Internship details

Duration: 8 weeks, Monday 5th July to Friday 27th August 2021

Funding: the internship will be paid at the London Living Wage (£10.85 per hour) for 36.5 hours per week

Students must be:

  • In the middle years of their first degree studies (normally between years 2 and 3 for students on a 3-year undergraduate programme or equivalent for 4-year undergraduate programmes);
  • A UK resident and registered for a relevant degree at a UK university.

How to apply

Send a CV and covering letter (max 500 words) to Clement Veall, UCL SPHR administrator (

Deadline for application: Sunday 9th May

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an informal online interview during 17th – 21st May

For any questions regarding the application process please contact For any questions about the internship project please contact

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