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Research Associate – Imperial College London

You will participate in an ambitious project over two years to explore the interactions of English local governments with harmful commodity industries such as food which is considered unhealthy, alcohol, tobacco and gambling industries. The aim of the proposed work is to better understand the nature and extent of such interactions in local government, explore stakeholder views on this issue and the need for guidance, and present the evidence in the format of potential guiding principles for local authority interactions with corporations that market products that are damaging to health. The project utilises mixed methods and includes evidence synthesis, primary data collections from local authorities, data analysis and interviews with stakeholders.

The research project forms part of a wider work programme of applied public health research funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) School for Public Health Research Programme (SPHR). SPHR is a unique collaboration between eight leading academic centres of excellence in England. SPHR was established in 2012 and was renewed for five years in 2017. Imperial College London joined the SPHR in April 2017. SPHR’s remit is to conduct high quality research to build robust evidence for effective and cost-effective public health policy and practice to improve population health and reduce health inequalities.

The project sits within the NIHR SPHR Places and Communities Programme’s Food systems sub-programme. In line with the programme’s aims, it specifically focuses on innovative and affordable place-centred policy options to improve local environments, health and reduce health inequalities. Working in close collaboration with our academic and practice partners and the public, we will develop data collection plans, produce research outputs and communicate findings through high quality research papers, policy briefing papers and presentations.

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