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Lucy Anderson

Transdisciplinary learning: Understanding public health research methods to explore climate resilience, air quality, and active travel in southwest England

Transdisciplinary placement

Healthy Places, Healthy Planet

University of Exeter

Research Interests

Lucy is a social and environmental researcher with 15 years of experience evaluating the effectiveness of management strategies, policies, and behaviour change interventions through a blend of quantitative and qualitative research, and often involving participatory methods such as citizen science. The topics Lucy has applied these approaches to have ranged from managing invasive species and zoonotic diseases, to tackling air and water pollution. Over recent years, Lucy's focus has shifted to exploring environmental determinants of health. Lucy has a strong interest in the impacts of air pollution, active travel and access to green space and their impacts on health and health inequalities. As Head of Research and Impact at the charity Global Action Plan, Lucy collaborates closely with partners such as Local Authorities to i) synthesise evidence to inform awareness campaigns and behaviour change interventions, and ii) evaluate the impact of those interventions in achieving their intended objectives. Through the TDP, Lucy is eager to expand her skill set, incorporating additional academic public health frameworks and approaches (e.g. natural experiments, systems maps, realist evaluation techniques) into her research in this domain. Lucy also aims to better understand how the voices of underserved communities are captured in academic public health research.

Educational Background

Biological sciences, Ecology & Environmental Management

Lucy's blog

From environmental challenges to public health: My transdisciplinary placement with the University of Exeter

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