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Ivory Wang

What self-harm and suicide prevention and postvention guidance currently exists in the UK for education and youth organisations, and for statutory and third sector organisations that provide support?


June 2023- August 2023

University of Bristol


Emily Widnall 

Research Interests

Ivory's research interests primarily lies in the psychological well-being of minority groups in the UK, including international students and immigrant populations. Ivory is particularly intrigued by the interdisciplinary approach, utilizing fields such as education anthropology, and sociology, to provide diverse perspectives on mental health issues, focusing on the social and familial factors underlying these mental health phenomena. Through this internship, Ivory aspires to elevate her research proficiency, explore methods and improve communication skills. Ivory is excited to gain a more comprehensive understanding of various aspects of a research career.

Undergraduate Degree

Psychology in Education

Ivory's Blog

Read Ivory’s reflections on public involvement and engagement here.

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