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Campbell Foubister

PhD student

Children, young people & families programme, Changing behaviour at population level programme, Health inequalities theme

University of Cambridge

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Campbell's Q&A

  • What do you like about being a part of the NIHR School for Public Health Research?

    Receiving support from the NIHR SPHR during my PhD allows me to interact with researchers across different member organisations at annual network meetings. It has been great to visit Newcastle and Leeds and I have enjoyed the opportunity to speak with and learn from such a diverse cohort of NIHR SPHR members. Annual meetings also provide novel training opportunities (such as how to manage international collaborations) which have had a direct positive impact on my career.

  • What skills have you learnt and/or are hoping to learn as part of your PhD?

    I have prioritised training to improve my data analysis skills including completing courses on machine learning, network analysis and structural equation modelling.


Foubister C, van Sluijs EMF, Vignoles A, Wilkinson P, Wilson ECF, Croxson CHD, Brown HE, Corder K. (2021). The school policy, social, and physical environment and change in adolescent physical activity: An exploratory analysis using the LASSO. PLoS One 8;16(4).

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