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Prof Rona Campbell

Deputy Director and Training Lead

University of Bristol


Rona is Professor of Public Health Research and leads the Centre for Public Health within Population Health Sciences at the University of Bristol.  She is the Deputy Director and Training Lead for the NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) and is an NIHR Senior Investigator.

As Training Lead for the School, Rona oversees the implementation of the NIHR SPHR strategy for capacity building and development; building capacity in public health research by funding Summer Internships, Doctoral Studentships and Fellowships and providing a range of multidisciplinary training and development opportunities. The research capacity development work to date, and future plans have recently been formalised in the SPHR Capacity building training and development plan for 2019-22.

As NIHR SPHR Training Lead, Rona has responsibility for training and capacity development in the School reporting directly to the NIHR Academy. This formal role includes:

  • Working with the Academic Career Development Forum and the NIHR Academy secretariat to deliver an academic career development programme for SPHR.
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing the local academic career development strategy for the School.
  • Acting as a point of contact for NIHR Academy members for advice on development opportunities.
  • Supporting the collection and reporting of information on NIHR Academy members to NIHR.
  • Promoting and supporting NIHR academic research opportunities to our NIHR Academy members.
  • Actively promoting the sharing of good local good practice across the NIHR infrastructure and adopting and implementing new approaches as required.
  • Being a contact for other Academic Career Development Leads seeking training or development opportunities for their NIHR Academy members within NIHR.
  • Actively participating in the Infrastructure Academic Career Development Forum.
  • Being responsive and adapting to any developments in NIHR national academic careers resulting from an ongoing review of training within the NIHR Academy.

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