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Rhiannon Thompson

Name: Rhiannon Thompson

Based at: Imperial College London

Supervisors: Professor Mireille Toledano (Imperial College London)

Project title:¬†What is the impact of environmental pollution on young people’s mental health?

Project summary:¬†Working as part of the longitudinal cohort study SCAMP ( I am investigating the impact of pollution on young people’s mental health. This will involve a combination of quantitative epidemiological methods to analyse the relationship between exposure to pollutants and mental health outcomes, and qualitative work looking at the impact that growing awareness of environmental issues has on young people’s mental health and well-being (e.g. worry, concern, anger). Policy implications will depend on what is found, but I am collaborating with researchers who are policy focused and will be directly reaching out to practice/policy professionals at a later stage. I am currently recruiting a young people’s advisory group who will be involved in designing the methodology for finding out how young people are emotionally affected by environmental issues. Finally, I am frequently involved in talks, workshops, events, and other public engagement activities with SCAMP colleagues.

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