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Strategy documents

NIHR SPHR Strategy for impact

This document details the NIHR School for Public Health Research Impact Strategy.
It also includes an accompanying guidance document which provides advice on impact and how it can be affected.

NIHR SPHR Six knowledge sharing principles

The six knowledge sharing principles, are informed by: the extant literature; examples of good practice across the eight SPHR members; examples of principles from other funding bodies in the UK and internationally, views of academics, practice and policy partners and other stakeholders involved in sharing knowledge and working collaboratively across academe-policy boundaries in public health and agreed collaboratively across the 8 members of the School.

NIHR SPHR Strategy for public involvement & engagement

This document sets out a strategy for involving the public in all stages of our research and for engaging with the wider public over the period 2019-22. It has been informed by a review of existing guidance on good practice and a detailed and substantial internal review of previous public involvement and engagement (PI&E) practice in SPHR.

NIHR SPHR A strategy for knowledge exchange

The purpose of knowledge exchange is to combine the strengths of each interacting partner and find effective ways of working together to create the evidence needed. For the School this means the scientific rigour of the academics and the contextual and practical insight of policy makers and practitioners being brought together in ways that are mutually beneficial.

NIHR SPHR A strategy for policy & practice engagement and collaboration

The School aims to increase the volume of evidence for effective public health practice in England by creating a collaborative environment, in which excellence in research and knowledge exchange can thrive. Central to this aim is the need to build and maintain close relationships with policy and practice partners, at all levels and in all aspects of our work.

NIHR SPHR Capacity building, training and development plan

This document provides information on the research capacity development work to date and our plans for the future.

NIHR SPHR A strategy for communications

The School has an important communications responsibility, both in respect of its research and in relation to building closer relationships between public health researchers and practitioners. Fundamentally, if we want more evidence-informed practice, we need more practice informed evidence, therefore effective communication and knowledge exchange are essential.

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