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Online workshop: Leadership for equity

10:00 - 12:30

Online workshop

Partnerships for Social Justice

Achieving equitable public services: the second of two half day online workshops

Social inequities are often reinforced by public service systems that can replicate discrimination and exclusion. Responses to the current COVID-19 crisis have highlighted historical injustices and differences in impact relating, for example, to age, gender, ethnicity, migrant status and disability. At the same time, the cross-sector response to the crisis highlights the potential of public services to be reconfigured at scale to make reducing inequity a mainstream and routine concern rather than a marginal issue.

We are holding two, half-day sessions to explore how public service policymakers and practitioners understand and work to challenge inequity, drawing on the diverse perspectives of participants from public service, voluntary sector and academic backgrounds. Workshop 1 is focused on Understandings of Inequality and Workshop 2 is focused on Leadership for Equity. Participants are welcome to attend both sessions.

Pre-conference contributions of policy and practice that relate to COVID-19 and inequalities are invited, as a lens through which to explore how public service responses can create or prevent inequalities for particular populations.

We will describe more general existing evidence in these two key areas that can potentially support positive change. We will also explore how research and existing good practice might support future service development:

Leadership for Equity

  • What motivates those in influential positions to support work that reduces inequity and what examples of such leadership exist?
  • What challenges and knowledge gaps exist that prevent such change taking place?
  • How can individuals with lived experience of exclusion, and organisations that represent them, assume leadership positions and influence public service decision-making?
  • What are the priorities for future research in this area and how can change be measured?

Key Speakers

Leadership for Equity: Helen Barnard leads the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Policy and Partnerships team, focusing on solutions to poverty through social security and housing – to address role of research in supporting policy and practice development.


Partnerships for Social Justice: July 1st Online Programme

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