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Tackling the challenges of getting public health research evidence into policy and practice at a local level

11:35 - 12:35

The Studio, Cannon St, Birmingham B2 5EP

Professor Liddy Goyder, SPHR researcher from the University of Sheffield will be delivering a workshop as part of the UKPHR Public Health Practitioner Conference 2018. The workshop will be chaired by Andrew Jones (UKPHR).

Workshop content

The workshop will:

  • Cover the current “state of the art” in terms of nationally commissioned research,
    evidence synthesis, guidance and models for informing practice, providing signposts to the
    wealth of evidence-related resources on “what works” in public health practice.
  • Identify some of the key questions that arise when we try and apply the wider research
    evidence of “what works” in a local context (e.g. is evidence valid/ applicable/ relevant/
    feasible/ affordable in our population? how best to share research evidence with local
    opinion leaders and decision makers?)
  • Identify and explore the complex issues and challenges in applying evidence in a local context
    and share potential strategies to tackle them.

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