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Clare Timblin

Name: Clare Timblin

Based at: University of Sheffield

Supervisors: Professor Elizabeth Goyder & Dr Emma Hock (University of Sheffield)

Project title: Exploring the potential system-wide impact on health inequalities of programmes to promote recreational physical activity for children

Project summary: Whilst the public health importance of promoting physical activity is widely recognised, there remains a significant need to tackle inequalities in access to, and uptake of physical activity in communities that could benefit from being more active.

It is well recognised that physical activity is socioeconomically patterned, with more affluent individuals and communities having access to more opportunities for recreational physical activity. For more deprived communities, there are a number of factors that result in a less physically active population and this may be particularly true for children and young people from more deprived neighbourhoods and from minority ethnic groups.

There is a need for better understanding of whether and how investment in local amenities and community activities could support policies to reduce inequalities, in order to inform decision making by policymakers and programme funders.

The overall aim of this project is to identify and evaluate system-level impacts of current policies and programmes to promote recreational physical activities in more deprived neighbourhoods on inequalities in activity levels, and associated health and wellbeing outcomes (including physical fitness, overweight and obesity, mental and social wellbeing) for children and young people.

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