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    Legacy Projects

We have a dedicated development fund for early career researchers (ECRs) within the School. This funding is for ECR-led pump priming collaborative research and is open to members of ResNet.

This provides ECRs with an opportunity to gain experience of developing and leading their own research project, and to build their networks throughout ResNet and across the School.

You can find out more about the seven projects we have funded over the past two years below.

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Mapping the landscape of prenatal alcohol prevention in the UK

This project will collect and analyse information on activities that aim to prevent alcohol use during pregnancy in the UK.

October 2020 – July 2023

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Exploring the longer-term impacts of Covid-19 on young people’s mental health

From March to June 2020, and in November 2020, the UK went in to lockdown in an effort to help slow the spread of Coronavirus.

September 2020 - December 2021

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Exploring and understanding access to community-based mental health and addiction services in Newcastle and Gateshead


England has seen an increasing number of individuals who are homeless, have drug or alcohol problems, or are repeat offenders.

September 2020 - March 2022

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Local Resilience Forums and lessons from Covid-19 response: a pilot study

This project aims to inform the development of larger study that will be the subject of a Fellowship application.

April 2021 - March 2022

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Universal Infant Free School Meals in England: Uptake and outcomes

Under the Universal Infant Free School Meals Policy, all children at state funded primary schools in reception, year 1 and 2 were offered a free lunch. This project will explore if this policy can be linked to improved nutrition, and an increase or decrease in the number of children who are underweight or overweight.

October 2019 – March 2021

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Social exclusion and mental health problems

The aim of this project is to investigate potential measures of social exclusion across England and explore how these measures are related to mental health problems. This project will also model what might happen if a public health intervention or policy was able to reduce the level of social exclusion in a community.

January 2020 – October 2021

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Delivering a resilience building programme for parents of secondary school children

The aim of the project is to assess the feasibility of running an intensive resilience building course for parents to support their children’s mental health.

January 2020 - July 2021

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