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Public health professionals

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New fellowship opportunities for individuals working in local authorities

The NIHR Academy has today launched a pilot pre-doctoral fellowship scheme for those working in local authorities and local authority supporting services.

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Successive governments’ approach to obesity policies has destined them to fail, say researchers

New research finds Government obesity policies in England have failed due to problems with implementation, lack of learning from past successes or failures, and a reliance on trying to persuade individuals to change their behaviour rather than tackling unhealthy environments.

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NIHR SPHR Places and Communities / Equal England Online Webinar

This webinar will present and discuss early findings from the NIHR SPHR Places & communities programme and initiate a discussion of how they apply to the COVID and post-COVID era.

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NIHR SPHR Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme (PHPES) 2020-2022

Information on the applications we received in the most recent PHPES call.


Examining how ‘health inequalities’ take shape in professional practice: results from a meta-ethnographic review of existing research

Dr Naoimh McMahon, NIHR SPHR Postdoctoral Launching Fellow will present findings from a systematic review of qualitative research which has examined how health professionals and decision-makers understand social inequalities in health.

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Blog: Are you making the most of your public health budget? There’s a tool for that

Over the last few months SPHR researchers have been undertaking an independent evaluation of one of Public Health England’s published resources, the Prioritisation Framework.

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Responsive research funding for local public health evaluation

NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) has launched a scheme to bring together public health professionals and SPHR researchers to improve the health of the nation and reduce health inequalities.

Public Health England, Wellington House, 133-155 Waterloo Road, Lambeth, London, SE1 8UG

Evaluating the impact of licensing decisions on crime and public health

SPHR researchers, Public Health England, and public health and alcohol licensing managers have worked together to develop new methodology to measure the impact of local alcohol licensing decisions on crime and health statistics.

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Showroom 5, Showroom Workstation 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX

Engaging the community in alcohol decision making

Communities have great potential to help shape how decisions are made about the the local alcohol environment - where, when and how alcohol is accessible and consumed - which may help to reduce social and health harms that result from alcohol.

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The Studio, Cannon St, Birmingham B2 5EP

Tackling the challenges of getting public health research evidence into policy and practice at a local level

Professor Liddy Goyder, SPHR researcher from the University of Sheffield will be delivering a workshop as part of the UKPHR Public Health Practitioner Conference 2018.

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