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NIHR SPHR Public Partners Network (PAN): A report on the 2nd meeting of the PAN May 2021

NIHR SPHR Public Partners Network (PAN): A report on 2nd meeting of the PAN held on 13th May 2021
By Jean Palmer and Michelle Collins

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Recruitment challenges of school-based research in the wake of Covid-19

As part of the NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) Public Mental Health Programme, researchers Rhiannon Barker and Greg Hartwell are exploring the links between school culture and mental health. In this blog they explore some of the challenges encountered in negotiating the recruitment dilemmas of school-based research.

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Celebrating young peoples involvement and engagement with research

A successful virtual event for all the young people’s groups and individuals who have taken part in public involvement and engagement activities within SPHR research over the last five years has taken place.

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Professor Kate Walters awarded Principal Investigator of the Year 2021

Congratulations to Professor Kate Walters for being awarded Principal Investigator of the Year 2021 by the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC). Kate is Co-Lead on the NIHR SPHR Public Mental Health programme and an ARC North Thames and UCL researcher. 

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‘Buddies in Bloom’: the creation of a Buddy System for the SPHR Public Mental Health programme

In this blog post Gillian Samuel, Public Involvement Coordinator at The McPin Foundation , together with the Public Mental Health (PMH) Peer Research Team and Becca Bayliss, SPHR PMH Network Coordinator based at University College London (UCL) discuss the introduction of a new Buddy System between peer researchers and academics within the SPHR Public Mental Health programme.

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Cuts to Sure Start spending linked to increased childhood obesity

A new study from SPHR researchers shows that spending cuts to Sure Start Children’s Centres taking place since 2010 are associated with an increased prevalence of obesity in school reception classes.

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National Food Strategy – Historic reforms of the food system are needed to improve the health of the nation and save the environment

The National Food Strategy published today calls on the Government to commit to a historic package of reforms to build a better food system for a healthier nation.

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Behind the research: Oli Jones

Oli Jones, Peer Researcher from The McPin Foundation, talks to us about his involvement in the public mental health programme.  

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Behind the research: Mario Martínez-Jiménez

Mario Martínez-Jiménez, SPHR PhD student at LiLaC (Lancaster University) talks to us about his research grant for the 'most important research' awarded by the Spanish Health Economics Association (AES).

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Cuts to local government funding in recent years cost lives, study finds

A new study from SPHR researchers at LiLaC (University of Liverpool) shows that decreasing local government funding over recent years probably contributed to declines in life expectancy in some areas of England, which was stalling even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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