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Cuts to Sure Start spending linked to increased childhood obesity

A new study from SPHR researchers shows that spending cuts to Sure Start Children’s Centres taking place since 2010 are associated with an increased prevalence of obesity in school reception classes.

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National Food Strategy – Historic reforms of the food system are needed to improve the health of the nation and save the environment

The National Food Strategy published today calls on the Government to commit to a historic package of reforms to build a better food system for a healthier nation.

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Behind the research: Oli Jones

Oli Jones, Peer Researcher from The McPin Foundation, talks to us about his involvement in the public mental health programme.  

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Behind the research: Mario Martínez-Jiménez

Mario Martínez-Jiménez, SPHR PhD student at LiLaC (Lancaster University) talks to us about his research grant for the 'most important research' awarded by the Spanish Health Economics Association (AES).

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Cuts to local government funding in recent years cost lives, study finds

A new study from SPHR researchers at LiLaC (University of Liverpool) shows that decreasing local government funding over recent years probably contributed to declines in life expectancy in some areas of England, which was stalling even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Urgent action needed to reduce harm of ultra-processed foods to British children

British children are consuming ‘exceptionally high’ proportions of ultra-processed foods, increasing their risk of obesity and damaging their health. These are the findings of an SPHR funded study led by researchers at Imperial College London using data from thousands of children in England over a number of years, which looked at the health impact of consuming ultra-processed foods (UPFs) – food and drink heavily processed during their making, such as frozen pizzas, fizzy drinks, mass-produced packaged bread and some ready meals.

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Building research capacity in and in partnership with Local Authorities


In order to address 21st century public health and care challenges, it is crucial to develop, support and inspire the next generation of researchers and joint practitioner academics from a wide range of professional backgrounds, disciplines and skill sets.

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How should Relationships and Sex Education be taught?

SPHR researchers at the University of Bristol have worked with young people, schools and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) providers to develop guidance to ensure young people across the country receive RSE that is effective and acceptable to them.

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NIHR SPHR researchers publish a strategy for engaging and working with children & young people

NIHR SPHR researchers have published a strategy for engaging and working with children and young people. The strategy is part of a wider project to enable children and young people's involvement in whole system action to reduce inequalities in the social determinants of health.

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Virtual workshop – How to incorporate equity into economic evaluations of public health interventions

We would like to invite anyone currently working in a public health practitioner or specialist role (e.g. Directors of public health, commissioners, public health consultants, specialist leads, etc) to attend these virtual workshops. Findings from each workshop will be discussed with health economics researchers and analysts and will inform the content of two separate guidance documents.

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