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‘Buddies in Bloom’: the creation of a Buddy System for the SPHR Public Mental Health programme

In this blog post Gillian Samuel, Public Involvement Coordinator at The McPin Foundation , together with the Public Mental Health (PMH) Peer Research Team and Becca Bayliss, SPHR PMH Network Coordinator based at University College London (UCL) discuss the introduction of a new Buddy System between peer researchers and academics within the SPHR Public Mental Health programme.

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Dealing with the mental health crisis – the challenge of asking the experts!

Fiona Duncan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Fuse (Durham University) has been working on a NIHR SPHR public mental health project which aims to investigate how 'co-located' services based in the community can be used to promote wellbeing. Fiona was tasked with setting up and facilitating an expert panel workshop. In this blog piece Fiona shares her insights and experiences of this work.

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How do we improve diversity in research?

Public involvement and engagement in research is not a new concept. Without members of the public engaging with our work as participants, we would not have advanced our knowledge and understanding of the social world over the last few hundred years.

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Working together to tackle inequalities and inactivity

Writing for the Fuse Blog, Sophie Phillips, SPHR funded PhD student at Fuse (Durham University) and Dr Rachel Mowbray, Insight Coordinator, County Durham Sport, Active Partnership tell us about collaborating during Sophie's secondment at County Durham Sport.

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Discussing ‘Tricky Topics’ with Young People at a Distance: the Challenges of Exploring Sensitive Subjects in Virtual Focus Groups

Writing for the Covid Realities Blog, Nicolas Woodrow, Mary Crowder, Hannah Fairbrother, Naomi Griffin, Eleanor Holding & Helen Quirk discuss the challenges of exploring sensitive subjects online with young people during the global pandemic. 

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Blog: Whatever their answer, double it and you should be close…

Writing for the Fuse Blog, Hannah Mehmood, a Medical Student at Newcastle University discusses her six week internship experience at the NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) with Fuse in summer 2020.

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Did children get their free school meals during lockdown?

In the latest Understanding Society blog, Jennie Parnham discusses her latest research and how it suggests the scheme may have failed to reach half of eligible children.

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Summer school at home: Learning online and adapting research to reach the ‘hard to reach’

Pre doctoral fellows, Emma Adams (Fuse - Newcastle University) and Jo Dawes (UCL) share their experience of taking part in a virtual weeklong residential summer school and adapting their research to reach the ‘hard to reach’.

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Co-production – The new normal

Gillian Samuel, Peer Researcher for the Public Mental Health Programme shares her experience of co-producing work with researchers, practitioners and the public.

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Blog: Are you making the most of your public health budget? There’s a tool for that

Over the last few months SPHR researchers have been undertaking an independent evaluation of one of Public Health England’s published resources, the Prioritisation Framework.

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