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Age Friendly Cities – Highlights from end-of-project stakeholder workshop

Efforts to make cities age-friendly must be evidence-informed and evaluated, say NIHR SPHR researchers from the Cambridge Institute of Public Health and the University of Liverpool, drawing on fieldwork in Liverpool that included a focus on falls among older people that was carried out as part of the Ageing Well programme at the NIHR School for Public Health Research.

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Modelling physical activity and movement in office buildings: Active buildings

NIHR SPHR’s Active Buildings study, a unique collaboration between public health, built environment and computer science researchers, has found that office-based workers demonstrate high levels of sitting during both the working week and weekend.

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Breakthrough Mentoring

NIHR SPHR’s Breakthrough Mentoring scheme has completed a feasibility study which indicates it would be possible to undertake a large scale Randomised Control Trial (RCT) to test the effectiveness of youth mentoring in the UK.

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WISE – Wellbeing in Secondary Education

NIHR SPHR’s WISE project has conducted a Feasibility Study and Pilot Cluster Randomised Control Trial (RCT) on the development of an intervention to improve mental health support and training for secondary school staff.

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Phase 2 of the Communities in Control Study gets underway

The research, funded under NIHR SPHR's health inequalities programme, aims to strengthen evidence on effective approaches to support community empowerment in ways that enhance health and reduce inequalities.

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Tighter local alcohol licensing curbs linked to fewer drink-related hospital admissions

Annual alcohol-related hospital admissions 2% lower than expected in areas with more restrictive policies.

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Long-term conditions, multi-morbidity and medication in older people

Research supported by Age UK and the National Institute for Health Research School for Public Health Research (NIHR SPHR) has generated a report ‘The Age UK almanac of disease profiles in later life: A reference on the frequency of major diseases, conditions and syndromes affecting older people in in England’.

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NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) competition to refresh and renew membership opens

We are very pleased to announce that, following the success of the NIHR SPHR’s first three years, the NIHR has committed to renewing the School for another term enabling us to continue to fulfil our mission to develop the evidence base for public health practice in England by helping to build on the progress made in the initial funding term.

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Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme open for applications

Our Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme (PHPES) is open for applications.

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One in five UK adults eat meals out or order takeaways in each week

Between a fifth and a quarter of people in the UK dine out or eat takeaway meals at least once a week, researchers have revealed.

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