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Public health in practice – our fellowship at NHS England and Improvement

The NIHR School for Public Health research is renowned for producing high-quality research. But what happens to that research – where does it go? How is it used? One answer, the one that maybe we all hope for is, “underpinning public health policy”.

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Behind the research: David Troy

David Troy, a SPHR trainee has recently completed a ResNet project, here he tells us about his work and applying for the ResNet project award.

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Early to mid-career workshop MRC/SPHR/NIHR Natural Experiment Guidance

This workshop will discuss the draft MRC/SPHR/NIHR Guidance on using natural experiments with early and mid-career researchers.

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Junk food advertising restrictions prevent almost 100,000 obesity cases and is expected to save the NHS £200m, study reveals

The new study, from SPHR researchers at the University of Sheffield and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), revealed the TfL advertising policy restricting the advertisement of foods high in calories from sugar and fat or high in salt, has led to consumers cutting down on less healthy products.

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Key findings from my school culture and mental health post-doc project

In March 2021, I had the absolute pleasure of joining University of Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry, as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. I worked with the excellent ChARM team (Child and Adolescent Resilience and Mental Health), and, in particular, Prof Tamsin Ford and Dr Anne-Marie Burn, who supported me in my postdoctoral research journey.

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NIHR SPHR Impact Accelerator Awards 2022

The NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) has funded seven Impact Accelerator Awards in 2022. These awards are designed to maximise the impact of SPHR projects and enable them to reach their full potential, such as through further dissemination and supporting the translation of research into policy changes.

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Developing a young people’s toolkit on Health Inequalities

A Fair and Equal Opportunity to Enjoy Good Health: A Young People’s Toolkit has recently been launched. The Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH) led the co-production of the toolkit with young people and SPHR researchers, funded by the NIHR School for Public Health Research. AYPH is a charity that works to understand and meet the particular health and wellbeing needs of 10–25 year olds.

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Ultra-processed foods make up almost two-thirds of Britain’s school meals

School meals in the UK contain lots of highly processed foods, promoting poor health among children and increasing their risk of obesity. British primary and secondary schoolchildren are getting the majority of their lunchtime calories from ‘ultra-processed’ foods, according to a study led by researchers at Imperial College London and published today in the journal Nutrients.

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The 2022 NIHR Doctoral training camp: Intensive but rewarding

We were excited to be nominated by the SPHR to attend this year’s NIHR doctoral training camp in Cheshire. This was focused on how to successfully apply for further research funding.

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New funding announced to support next generation of dementia researchers

First published: 07 July 2022 on NIHR National Institute for Health and Care Research website NIHR has introduced £11.8 million of funding for promising early career researchers to pursue dementia research and to build up their number and skills across the NIHR family.

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