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Finding better ways to evidence and appreciate the role and work of Voluntary and Community Sector youth services

Dr Nicholas Woodrow from ScHARR, University of Sheffield discusses recent work with the voluntary community sector.

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Rehousing programmes for older social housing tenants in Hackney

Findings from new research on rehousing programmes for older social renters may help address inner-city housing shortages by offering recommendations on how to improve rehousing experiences and achieve positive outcomes for tenants and communities.

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Changing school culture to improve mental health

In this blog post Tricia Jessiman and Judi Kidger from the University of Bristol discuss their work exploring the aspects of school culture that impact young people’s mental health and the role that young people can play in changing it for the better.

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The way the government talks about ‘childhood obesity’ is flawed. Should we even be talking about it at all…?

Writing for the Fuse Blog, Naomi Griffin, Fuse/NIHR SPHR Post Doctoral Research Associate, looks at how UK policy defines 'obesity' and its approach to 'choice' & 'stigma' in relation to health inequalities.

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Social disadvantage in the UK has a lasting impact on childhood asthma

Children experiencing social disadvantage in their first few years of life have a greatly increased risk of asthma persisting into adulthood. These are the findings of a study by SPHR researchers, published today in the journal Thorax, looking at the early life circumstances of thousands of UK children and their risk for persistent asthma as teenagers.

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Celebrating young peoples involvement and engagement with research

A successful virtual event for all the young people’s groups and individuals who have taken part in public involvement and engagement activities within SPHR research over the last five years has taken place.

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Professor Kate Walters awarded Principal Investigator of the Year 2021

Congratulations to Professor Kate Walters for being awarded Principal Investigator of the Year 2021 by the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC). Kate is Co-Lead on the NIHR SPHR Public Mental Health programme and an ARC North Thames and UCL researcher. 

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Cuts to Sure Start spending linked to increased childhood obesity

A new study from SPHR researchers shows that spending cuts to Sure Start Children’s Centres taking place since 2010 are associated with an increased prevalence of obesity in school reception classes.

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Dealing with the mental health crisis – the challenge of asking the experts!

Fiona Duncan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Fuse (Durham University) has been working on a NIHR SPHR public mental health project which aims to investigate how 'co-located' services based in the community can be used to promote wellbeing. Fiona was tasked with setting up and facilitating an expert panel workshop. In this blog piece Fiona shares her insights and experiences of this work.

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How do we improve diversity in research?

Public involvement and engagement in research is not a new concept. Without members of the public engaging with our work as participants, we would not have advanced our knowledge and understanding of the social world over the last few hundred years.

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