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Alice Porter

Name: Alice Porter

Based at: University of Bristol

Supervisors: Laura Johnson, Ruth Kipping (University of Bristol) & Carolyn Summerbell (Fuse, Durham University)

Project title: What exactly are ‘me’ sized meals for one to five year olds? Developing age-and-sex specific meal size guidance for preschoolers

Project summary: My project is exploring the current portion size guidance for feeding preschool aged children. I am conducting a systematic grey literature review to identify how much portion size guidance already exists in the UK. I am conducting a secondary data analysis using National Diet and Nutrition Survey data and/or food photography data from the UK NAPSACC trial to explore whether preschool aged children consume portion sizes that meet the portion sizes recommended within the guidance. I am conducting interviews with health visitors and/or childcare providers to explore their views about the current portion size guidance and the facilitators and barriers to using the guidance

Practice engagement: I have an Expert Advisory Group, made up of a Communication Manager at the British Nutrition Foundation (Bridget Benelam), a Senior Nutrition Scientist at Public Health England (Jo Nicholas) and a Professor of Medical Statistics (Tim Cole) who help to guide the direction of my PhD and offer advice about how my research could be used to inform practice and policy

Public engagement: I am attending a Toddler Takeover Day at We the Curious in Bristol to engage parents and toddlers with my research. I will do fun, interactive activities with them to understand their views and knowledge of portion sizes and talk to parents about my research findings.

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