Research Showcase

Evaluation of the Doncaster ‘Foundation for Change’ programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse.

FFC team

– Dr Parveen Ali, Professor Liddy Goyder, Dr Katie Powell and Dr Steve Ariss from the project team.

Domestic abuse has been identified as a pressing public health issue, but one with a very weak evidence base to inform intervention design and delivery. ‘Foundation for Change’ is a programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse, in Doncaster, who are outside the criminal justice system. A team of researchers from University of Sheffield (School of Nursing and Midwifery and School of Health and Related Research) is undertaking evaluation of the Foundation for Change project. The study has three broad aims in relation to the Foundation for Change programme:

  • To describe and evaluate the ‘theory’ and the implementation of the programme.
  • To assess the social return on investment of the programme.
  • To explore the feasibility of conducting a future waiting-list controlled trial.

The project is supported by public health commissioners and the wider domestic abuse strategy group at Doncaster, as well as the provider organisation that is delivering the intervention, Foundation. Research team presented two posters at the Annual Scientific Meeting held in Newcastle (9-10 March 2016). On poster was presented as part of the researcher’s network event, whereas the other was presented in the main conference on 10th March 2016.

To find out more about the project please contact Dr. Parveen Ali ( or Dr. Steven Ariss ( Further information about the project can also be found at: