Research Themes

SPHR has three key research themes, focused on evaluating public health interventions which aim to improve health by:

  • Changing behaviour or;
  • Changing the environment – including the physical, social, economic, cultural or regulatory environment;
  • Identifying cost-effective population health services

Inequalities and the translation of evidence into practice cut across all SPHR’s research programmes.

To reflect SPHR’s aim to increase the evidence base relevant to the whole population of England, we will seek to address these key themes across the life course – looking at starting well, developing well, living well and ageing well.


The School is undertaking three strands of research during its initial five year programme. These are as follows:

  • Projects undertaken by individual members and conducted in collaboration with other members
  • Programmes proposed by the Executive to be undertaken with School-wide involvement
  • The Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme (PHPES); to evaluate innovative interventions proposed by local public health practitioners

We have developed a series of case studies that highlight how we work with practitioners and the public and involve them in our research:

Download a printable version.