Communities in Control  briefings

This latest SPHR briefing looks at the importance of approaches that empower communities for public health practice.

SPHR Communities in Control briefing 2017

Topic based briefings

The team has produced a series of research summaries for practitioners and members of the public interested in community empowerment and engagement.  They focus on key topics covered by the evaluation findings as well as the study’s methods.  Further summaries will be added in Summer 2017.

CiC Briefing #1 (Published May 2016): CiC Bite Sized#1 Study Overview

This briefing and video describes the overall study and its relevance for health inequalities.   

CiC Briefing #2 (Published May 2016): CiC Bite Sized#2 Collective Control

This briefing and video looks at how the team identified indicators of ‘collective control’ among groups and communities involved in the initiative. Examples are given of how control is developing among groups of residents leading on local delivery and also between these resident groups and other organisations.

CiC Briefing #3 (Published May 2016): CiC Bite Sized#3 Social Context

This briefing and video focuses on the different ways that  social context influences resident led action to improve local neighbourhoods. This includes the nature of community relationships within a local area, as well as people’s attachment to the place where they live.

CiC Briefing #4 (Published May 2016): CiC Bite Sized#4 The Role of Money

This briefing and video considers the role of funding in an area based initiative including how it may act as a mechanism to engage and connect people in communities. 


Published articles and abstracts

A number of articles are currently being written up from the Phase 1 and Phase 2 research findings.  Details of new papers will be updated here as they are published.

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