Engagement Strategy

The School has many diverse audiences nationally and locally. Our engagement strategy focuses on how we engage with professionals working in local public health systems in any sector, with members of the public, and with the wider public health community.

There are five main ways in which these stakeholders can engage with SPHR:

The Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme (PHPES) enables people working in public health who are delivering innovative projects and initiatives aimed at improving health, to work in partnership with SPHR to conduct rigorous evaluations of their cost-effectiveness. Further details of the scheme, including how and when to apply are available here.

National Practitioner and Public Reference Panels are recruited to review SPHR research proposals, advise on the School’s plans for knowledge exchange, participate in workshops / seminars and champion the work of SPHR.

Professional, public and academic membership of the School’s national Advisory Board.

Public and professional involvement in SPHR-funded research programmes and projects as well as the School members’ local Advisory Groups. We have developed a series of case studies that highlight how we work with practitioners and the public, and involve them in our research.

We encourage a wider network of public health professionals and members of the public to engage with SPHR through our website, newsletter, twitter and local engagement activities.


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